Embark on an epic fantasy adventure in this dying world of dragons. Choose a path, amass power and gather allies to make a stand against the cursed forces of the Citadel, and the destructive influence of the Frozen Flame. Decide the fate of the world through your actions in this open-world sandbox online RPG.


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    Looming over the horizon, its massive silhouette dominating the landscape, stands the Citadel. It houses the Frozen Flame - an edifice of boundless power, blighting the lands of Arkana. Its power grows ever stronger, sending waves of destruction through the land which will lock the world in eternal ice if it cannot be stopped. Your goal is to amass enough power, resources and allies to take the fight to the Citadel, overcome the Frozen Flame, and stop the curse from spreading across the land. Or pursue your own selfish goals, competing with other players, hindering their efforts, and ruling godlike over a frozen grave.


    Conduits - devices scattered across the world, once used to gather and concentrate arcane energies, now serve as far-reaching tendrils of the Citadel’s ruinous influence. Guarded by powerful cursed creatures, these rifts warp and distort reality around them. The rewards for cleansing a Conduit are plentiful. Take care, however, when braving these enemy bastions, for as the world changes - they will present new challenges and increase the dangers you will face here.


    The lands of Arkana are vast and varied, but the curse has taken root in every corner of the world, corrupting its ancient guardians, turning them into rabid beasts compelled only to devour all things living. Each land is a unique area with its own dangers, hazards and environment, all of which you must overcome and tame. Find your way through each land to the cursed beasts, breach their lairs and slay them.


    Your ancestors were once beings of great power, who shaped these lands with unbending wills of iron and skills of great masters. Scattered across the lands of Arkana are scriptures of these great beings left behind and artefacts, containing the divine sparks of their souls. Gather their knowledge, and absorb their essence to obtain their powers. Recover their artefacts, discover what led to their demise and avenge their passing from this world.

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