Patch notes Alpha 5

Greetings, heroes! Alpha 5 test session update brought a lot of changes to Frozen Flame.


  • Global server reset has been removed
  • Swimming mechanics have been added
  • Glaider control has been improved
  • Modular construction has beed returned (Q button)
  • Character now connects to spawn point, if he walks through it
  • Item, that returns a player to “Cradle of flame”, has been added
  • Character can drop up to five not equipped items
  • Character become cursed after a few deaths
  • Energy is now displayed under HP bar
  • Destroyable objects are now highlighted
  • Dry trees can now be cut


  • Natural light has been improved
  • Temperature is going down at night
  • Tutorial location is now called “Cradle of flame”
  • New plants has been added
  • Scenery has been added: giant stumps, deep wells
  • Magic butterflies point to the interesting places
  • New red chest has been added
  • Character can recieve a “Cleansing potion” from fountain periodically
  • Red woods have been added
  • Landscape rendering perfomance improved (more stable fps)
  • Environment sounds has been improved. New boss battle music has been added


  • The dark guard becomes more dangerous
  • Ice cursed creatures have been added
  • First boss had been added for the test
  • Faceless golem has been added
  • Skeleton attack now can be interrupted


  • Leather armor set has been added
  • Сhitin armor set has been added
  • Two new iron masks have been added