Patch notes – Alpha 0.5706

Major Changes

Death. We thought that having several compounding effects upon death was a little too much and decided to simplify the system, making the following changes:

  • The entirety of the Curse system has been temporarily removed from the game. Characters will no longer receive curse upon death.
  • Cleansing Brew has been rendered obsolete and all instances of this item have been replaced with Health Potions.
  • Equipped player items will no longer deteriorate upon death.
  • When starting a new game – players will still start as cursed skeletons, but the state is removed upon exiting the first portal.

We will revisit the way Curse works within the context of the rest of the game once some of the late-game features have been implemented and decided upon.

Armor. A small armor rework has been done to compensate for the lack of durability loss upon death and to encourage more careful play.

  • Armor will now take damage whenever the character takes damage from an enemy attack. The amount of damage taken by the armor is calculated after damage reduction.
  • Each piece of armor will take damage in direct proportion to the rough size of surface area that it covers. Meaning that a chest piece will tend to take more damage than a helmet.

Ritual Circles and Teleportation Cores. A new system has now been added to better accommodate the construction of personal housing.

  • Ritual Circles can now be built, which function like resurrection and recall points.
  • Once built, they allow players to “bind” themselves to that circle by walking into its center, like they would into the large resurrection circles scattered around the map.
  • No more than one binding point may be active at any one time.

Cursed Archer Rebalance. A significant amount of tweaks have been made to the Cursed Archers to make them behave in a more challenging manner.

  • Cursed Archers will now track player movement direction when firing their bows.
  • Shot cooldown has been decreased slightly.
  • They now have to be much closer to the player to initiate their melee attack.

Minor Changes

  • Items dropped on the ground will despawn after 10 minutes.
  • All items constructed by the player can now be destroyed while in build mode.
  • Added more skeletons to the map, which will only appear during night-time.
  • Gliders will no longer lose durability.
  • Sprinting can now be toggled.
  • Building costs have been temporarily reduced to compensate for constantly changing game balance.
  • Amount of tree spawns has been increased.
  • The game’s starting zone has been reworked.
  • Stone giants have been added to the map.


  • Hit direction detection has been improved. Characters should now more consistently stagger in the direction of the attack.
  • Foliage will no longer disappear entirely on low settings.
  • Grass is now less likely to appear on steep slopes and stone surfaces.
  • Combat music should no longer play without anyone attacking the player.
  • Several UI and localization fixes.
  • Fixes to global game lighting.