Patch notes – Alpha 0.5550

Game design

– Now tho-handed sword is easier to control
– Level up cost has been increased
– Merchant goods cost has been increased
– Now agility is showing in the attribute character list
– Now the text shows when you activate the guiding stone
– Spear damage and throw speed have been increased
– Arrow speed has been increased


– 3 new types of monsters have been added
– Now skeletons appear only at night
– Most creatures have become stronger
– Faceless golem has become much stronger


– Enemies spawn location has been reworked
– More resource respawn points have been added
– Player’s houses got a look of fresh buildings while abandoned ones now look dilapidated
– Lightning in starting location has been improved

Bug fixes

– Chest opening animation has been fixed
– Сharacter can no longer pass through the small red trees
– Now Iron helm hides the hair
– Character can no longer attack during the glider flight
– A few issues caused crashes have been fixed
– Hovered in the air road and stones have been fixed
– Empty lake issue has been fixed