Patch notes – Alpha 0.5.6006

Major Changes

Character Attributes. A major overhaul has been performed on the attribute system to increase the attractiveness of investing in each character stat by making all of them influence multiple character traits, each of which is, to some extent, useful for most roles and activities:

Reworked Attributes

Some of the existing attributes have been updated with new functionality

    • Vitality now influences:
      • Maximum Health
      • Comfortable Temperature Range
      • Lowers duration of all non-magical negative effects
    • Strength will now:
      • Be used as minimum requirement for most melee weapons
      • Increase damage output of all melee weapons
      • Increase maximum Carry Weight
    • Dexterity is now used:
      • As requirement for most ranged weapons
      • To increase damage output of all ranged weapons
      • To increase Stamina regeneration rate
  • Intellect is currently being worked on as part of the upcoming spell rework and currently only serves as:
    • Minimum requirement for equipping offensive spells


New Attributes

A collection of new attributes have been added to expand the system

    • Constitution has been introduced as a measure of the character’s overall physical conditioning and will affect play in the following way:
      • Is used as a minimum requirement for most armors
      • Increases maximum Stamina
      • Increases maximum Armor Load, which determines the maximum weight of the armor a character can wear, without suffering penalties to movement speed and dodging capabilities
    • Perception is a measure of a character’s ability to spot weaknesses in enemy defences, find rare items and discover unconventional ways to use magical equipment. At present time only partial functionality has been implemented:
      • Improves chance of scoring a critical hit
    • Wisdom reflects one’s connection with the natural order and ability to intuit how phenomena work based on lived experience. It governs the following:
      • Minimum requirement for equipping defensive spells
      • Lowers duration of all magical negative effects
  • Discipline is a measure of a character’s overall mental and physical fortitude and ability to concentrate on the task at hand. It will help them survive longer in harsh conditions and improve spell casting capabilities:
    • Increases maximum Energy

Further down the line – Perception, Wisdom, Discipline and Intellect will be used to govern several key interactions with the game’s crafting system.


Archery. Major changes have been implemented in connection with archery in the game.

  • Arrows will no longer have an adaptive trajectory based on distance to the target, instead always following fixed rules based on arrow speed and gravity.
  • Arrows will travel a short distance in a straight line, before starting to fall towards the ground after being shot from the bow.
  • Bows can now be drawn for a more powerful shot. The longer the draw – the more powerful the shot.
  • Drawing the bow will gradually deplete stamina.
  • If stamina is depleted while a bow is being drawn – the arrow is loosed.
  • Inventory UI will always display damage numbers for bows at maximum draw.
  • The longer the draw – the faster the arrow will travel, increasing the distance the arrow goes in a straight line.
  • More powerful bows take longer to draw and have greater maximum draw, making them more powerful and allowing arrows to travel even faster.
  • Some arrows weigh more than others, making initial arrow speed slower and requiring more powerful bows to shoot properly.
  • Camera positions have been tweaked to make aiming feel more natural.
  • The HUD has been reworked and now has indication for draw strength and arrow hit.
  • New sounds have been added to indicate whether the arrow was released at maximum draw.
  • Screen shake on shot has been removed.
  • Overdraw screenshake has been added.


Combat. In an attempt to make melee combat more exciting, several tweaks have been made to the way it works.

  • Attacks with melee weapons will now root characters in place for the duration of the attack.
  • To counteract the loss of mobility – the distance of dodge rolls has been increased.
  • Multiple changes to move sets and attack animations have been made.
  • Most weapons will now perform a series of attacks, with the last attack in the chain always doing significantly more damage.
  • Most enemy attacks can now be interrupted by doing damage to the creature.
  • Enemy creatures will no longer rotate towards the player, once locked into the attack animation.
  • Restored camera shakes on taking damage.


Balance Changes. Due to sweeping changes in the game’s core systems, major balance updates have been made across the board.

  • All health values, for both players and creatures, have been tripled.
  • Player weapon damage has been rebalanced:
    • Most melee weapons are now roughly 3 times stronger
    • Most ranged weapons are now roughly 2 times stronger
  • Enemies now do roughly 3 times more physical damage overall. Elemental damage values have not changed.
  • Armor defense values have been significantly increased for all armors.
  • Armor damage reduction formula has been reworked. Armors will now provide more noticable benefits, without breaking the balance at extreme values.
  • Armor durability has been significantly increased.
  • Armor will now take durability damage only from direct non-elemental enemy attacks.
  • The differences between light/medium/heavy armor have been made more pronounced.
  • Lowered attribute requirements for nearly all pieces of equipment.


Crafting and Repair. The current item crafting system has been picked over and cleaned up. All non-monster equipment can now be crafted and repaired by the player. Several changes made to recipe acquisition.

  • Memory stone will now give 8 mermoy shards, instead of one. To counteract this and make simple items easy to learn, while still requiring players to specialize into more advanced items, recipe costs have been tweaked in the following manner:
    • Tier 0 recipes cost 3 shard to learn
    • Tier 1 recipes cost 6 shards to learn
    • Tier 2 recipes cost 10 shards to learn
  • Cloth Rags moved to character crafting, instead of Loom workstation.
  • Bone weapons can now be learned as Tier 1 recipes. They require T0 wooden counterparts to be learned first.
  • Leather and Metal armors can now be crafted at the Loom and Anvil respectively as Tier 2 recipes. They require T1 cloth counterparts to be learned first.
  • All weapons and armor can now be repaired at the workbench.
  • Other minor recipe changes.
  • Increased drop rates for Fabric, Wool and Chitin.


Temperature. An addition in the form of an upper temperature limit has been made, meaning the character can now also overheat.

  • A temperature widget has been added to the top-right part of the hud.
  • Inventory now displays comfortable temperature range.
  • Armors will now influence Overheat Temperature, as well as Freeze Temperature, changing comfortable temperature range.
  • An Overheating effect has been added to the game.

Minor Changes

  • New giants have been added across the entire map.
  • New minor interior location added to valley lake.
  • Kairos sleeps.
  • UI changes to accommodate new attributes.
  • Multiple improvements made to starting location.
  • Multiple improvements made to ambient sounds.
  • Moar God Rays.
  • Camera position tweaked to better display character when in inventory menu.
  • Added more localized text to the game.
  • Health Potions now restore 160 health, instead of 100.
  • Flame will now transfer to the player much faster.
  • Bonfires now give off 25 heat, instead of 10.
  • Moved Skeleton Vigil time to closer match night-time.



  • Grass textures and materials reworked to improve blending and overall look.
  • Minor fixes to collisions on ruins tileset.
  • Bags dropped by players upon death no longer react to physics interactions.
  • Chat scrolling has been fixed.
  • Fixed some localization issues.
  • Flame crystal descriptions should now better reflect what they actually do.


Known Issues

  • Enemy creature balance beyond simple zombies, skeletons and beetles has been broken. Some of the bigger enemies may be impossible to defeat without a group effort or cheesing.
  • Tier 2 crafting may be too slow and grindy due to lack of resource nodes and finalized prospecting mechanics.

Please be patient, Wanderer. It’s all a work in progress. =)