DevGAMM 2019

Hi, travellers!

The largest conference for game industry professionals – DevGAMM, was held in Moscow on May 16-17. The Magisterion team, represented by consisting of Shin Stanislav, Zelenova Anastasia and Gennady Pavlov – attended this event and showcased presented the Alpha 5 version of Frozen Flame to for conference attendees.

Especially for this event, our team prepared some cool merch, exclusively for this event, but we hope to release even more interesting Frozen Flame related game stuff stafs in the future. We distributed about 50 keys to for the visitors. They can play the game not only at the conference, but also at home.

If we talk Talking about feedback, the conference participants shared their ideas and impressions, and we also didn’t forget about the bugs. The most effective draw attraction of attention to our stand was the unforgettable character battles in shorts and boots that gathered a lot of people around us and caused a stir.

In general, the two days of the conference were held in a pleasant atmosphere of the gaming industry, where we were able to get a lot of useful the necessary feedback in real time, as well as increase the recognition of the game. This year we hope to participate in several more exhibitions and look forward to seeing you.

P.S. Thank you Amiko-сhan and Ducat for the interview and for this amazing video!

Interview: 9:20

Interview: 17:58