Developer diary: Iced terra

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Hey survivors! Now we will regularly share with you details of the Frozen Flame creating process. The first one is about iced locations.

Many players used to admire the map generation mechanic in Diablo, where some places, objects, monsters or NPCs weren’t available every time in the same location. This feature originates in the game Rogue, made all the way in 1980. Thus, traveling across well-known areas, you always learned something new: engaged into hidden quests or slain unprecedented monsters. Frozen Flame has a similar feature.

If the feature in the example above doesn’t really have a connection with the world’s lore then in our case it is directly related to the story. How? No spoilers! You will find out everything at the right time.

Location generation in Frozen Flame can show or hide some objects. Wandering the game world you will be able to discover frosty places with giant icy spikes.

“I have to find out what’s in there!”

A single NPC, a small lake or the whole city — these and many other things might be mysteriously turned into ice and be hidden from player’s eyes. Using this mechanic we create a world far more deep than it may seem at first sight.

See you on the upcoming Frozen Flame test-session!