Developer diary: Game modes

It’s been a month since the last playtest and now it’s time to share with you some development news. We had a number of heated discussions and decided to implement two game modes into Frozen Fame. Each mode will offer players versatile emotions and game experience.

First of all, Frozen Flame is a fascinating story about the lands of mighty dragons with a well-thought-out world. Plot there retains a high profile, though it’s tough to reveal all the events of Arcana within only one game mode. This is why we decided to have two of them: “Story” and “Cataclysm”.

Story mode will immerse you into the narrative of the ancient lands with a vast open world to explore: fields, mountains, caves, swamps, deserts, secret points of interest and much more… The plot unfolds with your actions so don’t make rash decisions. You will encounter a lot of tricky and deadly enemies — get ready for a fight! The Frozen Flame story mode will be available for solo and co-op walkthrough.

“Cataclysm” is a hardcore multiplayer mode with survival genre elements, where PVP becomes one of the main features. The essential idea for this mode is an imminent doom. If players do not accomplish the mission given by local NPCs, the world will collapse. Freezing cold, darkness, lack of resources, harsh conditions, cursed monsters and other untrustworthy players await if you dare to survive the cataclysm.

The new Alpha 5 playtest is just around the corner and soon we will announce the dates, so stay tuned. The ancient lands of dragons are yet to be saved!