Developer diary: Bastions

You will discover Bastions in Frozen Flame in addition to dense forests, fields with tall grass and iced lands. These are fortresses, where survivors gather to hold the line against creatures of the dark. Replenish supplies, accepts some quests, do the craft, improve your character, learn something new about surroundings and much other stuff – welcome to the Bastion! Bastion in Frozen Flame acts as a hub – a safe place in the game for resting, communication and minding your business. Let’s look closer at the objectives it has.

There is an NPC in Bastion which allows you to empower your character characteristics. Obviously, the redhead lady doesn’t do that for free: you need a flame. We will look more deeply into this individually.

It’s not easy to get powerful gear just exploring the world. But the vendors in Bastion can sell you some useful items. They are not interested in gold, but valuable flame artifacts are what attracts them!

Bastion is a quite safe place, where cursed and the cold won’t get you. The Bastion’s walls are strong against the wind, and the fire won’t let the blizzard freeze you to death. You can comfortably wait out the storm here.

The portals can be placed in Bastions, leading to different parts of the Frozen Flame world. You should think twice before entering one of those portals. You are the one to bear the consequences!

Apparently, that’s all that we can tell you about Bastions. Oh, wait! What about quests?

In the future, there will be an NPC in every location and some of them will be able to offer you a quest and map your targets. Most of the times it will be some kind of global tasks. For example, here is a quest: find the treasure on the high tower’s top. Where to find tools, how to get to the tower and how to come down after – is what you think of by yourself and the quest won’t help you.

The game will always map targets for your actions in order not to make the game process a pointless wandering across the world, searching for artifacts and resources.