Alpha playtest information

The next text session Alpha 5 will will begin on April 20th 2019.

General Alpha 5 build information

Our game has greatly changed its development direction since January 2019. Frozen Flame is not a survival anymore, but a hardcore multiplayer action RPG with unique mechanics. Remember this is just an alpha build so all the bugs will be fixed and the gameplay will be improved. Right now we expect you to evaluate the game in general and share your opinion with us.

Testers can make screenshots, videos, broadcasts and share it. It’s fully legal, there is no NDA.

How to download the game

If you already have a Frozen Flame access key, you can activate it in Steam. Click the “Games” button in the Steam application upper menu and choose “Activate a Product on Steam”. Then follow the instructions and activate the key. The game will appear in your library.

We want your feedback

Share your opinion and impressions with us. Report about things that you liked and disliked, things that confused you, things you want to be changed. Describe your game experience in details on our #feedback Discord channel. We are always listening to you!

Catch the bugs

If the client crashes, sceletons fall down from the skies and you get kicked out of the map — it’s ok! This is unplanned alpha build features, but don’t forget to report them on our #bugs Discord channel. It truly helps us speed up the development process. Thank you!

Another way to support Frozen Flame

Follow our socials

Broadcasts and videos

If you are a streamer or YouTube blogger contact via Discord stream channel.

Add the game to your Steam wishlist

Press the button “Add to your wishlist” on the Frozen Flame Steam page. We will appreciate this!

See you at the test session! It’s time to fight the darkness!